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David Maisel. “These sites are the contemplative gardens of our time,” Maisel writes, “places that offer the opportunity to reflect on who and what we are collectively, as a society.”

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Giuseppe Balla



Light Pollution in Europe

Very high level of light pollution and all around. Typical of big urban centre and big regional and national cities. (via Avex’s Map)

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Europe after 100 meter rise in sea level [1880×1504]


Rates of Travel from New York 1800-1930


Construction of the Bergen gas holder


William Rittase
Industry has a rainbow (photomontage) c. 1934

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Gammlia, Umeå (Taken with Instagram)

Remembering the infrastructure beneath us enough to understand the rigors we put it through and ensure it is properly maintained should not be difficult. We may better understand (to paraphrase historian Harold Platt) our society and culture by studying the historical processes that led to the building and maintenance of our infrastructure.

Carl Zimring, We Ignore Our Infrastructure at Our Peril | History News Network

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