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Hydroelectric Power Station, Stalingrad ,1956

Peter Bock-Schroeder


Miniature scenes of Industrial Japan sculpted from cloth fibers and human hair by Takahiro Iwasaki

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This animated GIF from Micaël Reynaud's award-winning series warping space and time calls to mind the iconic Powers of Ten film by Charles and Ray Eames visualizing the scale of the universe. 

In fact, it’s surprising that no one (to my knowledge) has adapted the film into an animated GIF yet – though it’s been adapted into a delightful flipbook, which is essentially an analog animated GIF.

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Buddha statue in an old turbine hall at Baggböle outside Umeå, Sweden. Location 63.8344, 20.1167. 

"8 11" artwork by Fredrik Wretman. Photo by Finn Arne Jørgensen. 



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Salt, Emma Phillips


The evolution of Ordnance Survey mapping

"If you’re a lover of old maps, you may be aware of the changes that have taken place on Ordnance Survey maps over the years.  Changes to colour, styling, the depiction of roads and vegetation for example. As you can imagine, visitors to our Southampton head office often want to visit our Cartography teams and see the work they’re doing now – and compare this to how things used to be done.

The Cartography team put their heads together and came up with a display to show visitors the past present and future roles of cartography. One aspect of the display was produced by Cartographer Alicja Karpinska, making use of her photography and digital image manipulation skills, to complete an image showing the evolution of Ordnance Survey mapping.”

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Fields of Old

by John Qu

Source: National Geographic

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